Fun Activities for Bikers on a Break

Biking on the French Alp Trails (creative commons)

For those of you out there in love with biking and with bicycles in general, stopping from biking around may sound like a silly option, especially when you are travelling and you really want to experience everything from the height of your bike’s saddle, but the truth is that there will be times when you will just be stuck in your hotel room (at night, when there is very bad weather outside, and so on). Since the TV will most likely feel like…foreign languages to you, you will want to find other fun activities to help yourself pass the time. Here are some of the best ideas:

Biking on the French Alp Trails (creative commons)

Biking on the French Alp Trails (creative commons)

Read a Book

If you have brought a book or an ebook reader with you, then you are saved. You have probably been looking for the opportunity to finish up that great book for a very long time and even if you did not come on holiday to read, it can still be a very good option if you cannot get out of your hotel room (and even more so if you are generally a bookworm who loves allowing himself/herself be carried away by the pages of a good book).

Catch Up on Your TV Shows

There are probably at least 2 or 3 TV shows you really enjoy watching but with your busy life you have probably not had much time these past few weeks (or even months) to catch up on the latest episodes. If you have a laptop with you and if you have purchased an account where you can watch all the TV shows out there, this is the perfect time to do it.

Casino Gambling (creative commons)

Casino Gambling (creative commons)

Roll the Dices

If you are looking for something with a bit more thrill to it, then a good round of online casino gaming can definitely make your day or night. Casino games are very much entertaining and the best part about them is related to the fact that you can win some extra money as well. Imagine how nice it would feel to actually be able to afford all those souvenirs you have laid your eyes upon!
There are certain things you should bear in mind when going to an online casino. The very first one is that you should always choose only those online casinos with a good reputation. Otherwise, you risk having your credit card details stolen and used for purchases that do not belong to you in any way. For example, 888 is one such option and it will provide you with the trustworthiness you need in this “business”. In general, don’t go for offers that sound too good to be true and don’t go for websites that cannot offer you with secure payment options.
Other than that, make sure that you set a limit to how much you can lose and that you stick to it. If you have reached that limit, retire yourself from the website. After all, you want to have fun, not to be left completely broke on foreign land!

Singapore: Tiger Economy and Travel Destination

City Skyline Marina Bay Singapore (Creative Commons)

Some of the countries around the world are just amazing when it comes to their development. In just a few decades, Singapore has managed to rise out of its own ashes and to become one of the leading economies not only in Asia, but around the world as well.

With a system that seems to attract and foster businesses from all over the world, Singapore is as International as it gets. If you ever go there, it is very likely that you will meet people coming from all over the world just for one purpose: to do business.

Singapore (Creative Commons)

Singapore: How to Get a Taste of This Country from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Singapore can be a bewildering country to visit, really. It can be one of those places where you can still see traces of tradition in between the tall buildings. It can be one of those places that are exquisite and rewarding. It can be a place where you will meet people from all social backgrounds and from all fields of business as well. Yet, it will be a place where although there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to go to, you will never feel like there are more businesses of this type than of the service-oriented ones.

City Skyline Marina Bay Singapore (Creative Commons)

If you want to have some fun and try your luck on an island that seems to have been itself blessed by the Skies, then you should try and find a good  online casino Singapore. Wherever you are, you can get a taste of what Singapore feels like from the comfort of your own chair and room. Of course, you can try visiting the country as well, but if you want to experience just a glimpse on the Singaporean hospitality, then an online casino will be more than enough for you to get convinced of the fact that this country is one of the best ones in the world when it comes to business especially.

Singapore: What to See There

If you do decide to visit Singapore, then be prepared to be amazed from the very moment you land on their airport. Do visit their zoo, their bird park, their National Museum, their underwater park if you are with family especially, but make sure not to miss out on them if you are alone either. Also, do visit the Universal Studios Singapore as well and have a meal at the Telok Ayer Market and then take a walk through the Mint Museum of Toys.

Although Singapore is a small country, it can definitely make for a great travel destination with many, many attractions! Cycling-friendly and rich, luxurious and interesting, intriguing and motivating, Singapore is THE place to be for those of you who like a good blend between cosmopolitan and classic.


The Best Way to Visit Holland: Netherlands cycling holidays

Tulips in the Netherlands, Creative Commons

There are some countries in Europe that cannot be rivalled when it comes to their appeal for the entire world of tourism. The Netherlands is most definitely one of them and if you are looking into visiting a country where freedom and beauty feel like home, then this is the place to be. And what other better way is there to visit Holland and its gorgeousness than with one of the amazing Netherlands cycling holidays organized by specialists who know how to make the most out of the touristic attractions of the world?

Why Cycling?

There is something extremely fun about a cycling holiday. Do bear in mind that this is a country where there seem to be more bicycles than actual people, so you will feel safe and comfortable biking almost everywhere. That means that there will be special places on the road organized especially for people like you who want to enjoy the greatness the Netherlands have to offer at a slower pace than by car, but at a faster pace than by simply walking.

Tulips in the Netherlands, Creative Commons

Tulips in the Netherlands, Creative Commons

In addition to the fact that cycling is a very healthy activity (especially for the heart), there will be something cute and special about visiting a country on the bike. You can choose from one of the top Netherlands destinations and you can simply bike your way around it, enjoy every single moment of this trip. If you choose to go in this holiday in the springtime, it will be even more enjoyable, with the first rays of sun warming the Northern world up and letting the famous tulips bloom with joy and beauty for the eyes.

Why an Organized Cycling Trip?

If you have never been to the Netherlands and if you want to make sure that you will make the most out of your holiday there, then it may be better for you to choose an organized cycling trip. This way, you will not have to worry about the route or about any of the typical issues that arise with organizing a trip and you will simply have to enjoy the itinerary. Since the Netherlands is offers very large portions of flat surface, you will be able to see almost everything on a bike, including the picturesque and heart-warming historic towns, but not only.

Netherlands - Friesland, IJlst - De Rat, Creative Commons

Netherlands – Friesland, IJlst – De Rat, Creative Commons

Enjoy the spring, let yourself be overwhelmed by the rich culture of the Netherlands and inhale some fresh air far from the places you usually see. A healthy, fun and interesting way of enjoying a country with so many great things about it!


Be a rebel – head to the sun this winter


There is a common misconception that winter means no holidays. I disagree with this entirely, in fact, to be a rebel, I insist on taking a winter break!

Canary Islands - wonderful vacation choice (Creative Commons)

Canary Islands – wonderful vacation choice (Creative Commons)

The only downside with travelling during the winter months is the risk of travel disruption due to the weather, but even this is easily sorted, by checking up to date information on your particular airport. The last time I travelled from London, I was constantly checking real-time information on Gatwick departures, meaning I was bang up to date with any developments. Thankfully there were none, but I did manage to pick up some handy information on where to eat and drink!

Of course, another way to beat possible problems from Mother Nature herself is to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, and even consider staying over at a hotel the right before, giving you peace of mind and an extra night’s holiday. Win-win, if you ask me. I recently stayed at one of the hotels near Gatwick Airport, and followed this exact plan. I can’t rave about it enough, and wherever you’re flying from, I’d recommend booking in for a night’s relaxation pre-flight.

Whether you choose to enjoy the winter elements and head off skiing, or whether the thought of snow makes you shiver far too much, and you decide to jet off for some winter sun, there are plentiful destinations, and some real bargains out there too.

The Caribbean is becoming more and more affordable, with cruises and stay deals coming down in price. You could even make this a two-centre break, and combine it with a few days in fun-filled Orlando, before pampering yourself with R n R on a beautiful sun-drenched island.

The Canary Islands are always a fantastic choice for a winter break, with pleasant temperatures all year around, and a choice of islands to suit your personality and needs.

Gambia beach at Mishimoto (Creative Commons)

Gambia beach at Mishimoto (Creative Commons)

The Gambia is another popular winter destination, which is becoming more and more popular year on year, with the Indian Ocean islands constantly up there on the must-visit list, and it’s not surprising when you Google the images – beauty with a capital B.

Of course, you might want to embrace the cold, and if that’s the case then skiing or a log cabin in the snow is for you. Austria is a great choice for ski breaks, including areas for every level of ability, with Bad Gastein particularly great for families. You’ll find plentiful après ski activities, and relaxing accommodation.

Just because it’s not our traditional summer break time of year, doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about holidays and jet off to explore the world, in fact, I’d say it’s a must do!

Bingo for Road Trips and Other Travels


A fun new twist on a classic game

The well-worn and old-fashioned brick-and-mortar bingo halls that still dot the landscape of numerous cities across the U.S. have been the home of countless warm memories that span several generations of individuals and families alike. Bingo truly unites people from all walks of life, regardless of age, ethnicity or occupational background. Indeed, bingo’s surprising longevity in this age of mobile communication and entertainment devices has manifested in some surprising new ways. As a matter of fact, there are various bingo cards that effectively replace numbers with words, phrases or images from such diverse fields as fashion, restaurants, and even superheroes. It’s not too surprising to learn, then, that different versions of travel bingo cards have been quite popular with vacationers and vagabonds of all stripes.

Roadtrip BINGO_provided pic

Eminently suitable for both children and adults on those long summer road trips inside the family car, the travel bingo cards over at the Positively Splendid blog are absolutely brimming with clear and vivid images of familiar sights along the way. From horses and gas stations to delivery trucks and cows, this game definitely lends credence to that well-known aphorism: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” It also keeps the children plenty occupied and happy throughout the long hours that road trips inevitably require. Knock Knock, a purveyor of reliably witty gift products and books, currently offers self-contained road trip bingo cards featuring punch-through icons depicting a pickup truck, flat tire, tractor, motor home, school bus, and many more. Furthermore, online bingo website had its own promotional voyage across the United Kingdom using the Foxy Prize Bus. Liz Stanley of the Say Yes craft blog also has her own DIY (and printable) version of the travel bingo card – complete with pencil-drawn and watercolor-painted illustrations.

From simple DIY paper cards to the colorful gimmicks of the online version, it’s amazing to see the various forms, twists and variations on this time-honored classic.

Visiting Jordan


I know that a lot of people might be stoked on the idea of visiting parts of the Middle East right now. There is so much going on in the region, and I think people are justified in being a little wary. But sometimes you just have to look fear in the face and tell it to eff off. Plus, places like Jordan will be all but deserted because everyone else is too scared to go.

Here a few things that you will love about Jordan!


Of course this is easily Jordan’s most well known tourist site. This ancient city is huge, and beautiful, and wondrous, and easily one of the things that you must see before you die. When you walk in through the slot canyon then you see The Treasury at the end, and it opens up and you can see the whole thing? Priceless! There is so much more to see, as well. You can pay one of the many touts in the area for the privilege of riding their donkey or camel, and it’s usually worth it. There are also several hotels in the area to make your stay more pleasant.

Wadi Rum

This amazing desert is a sight to behold. You may be thinking, “But it’s just a desert!” Well, it is and it isn’t. This desert is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it holds a lot of cultural and historic significance. There are ancient petroglyphs describing people’s journey to Mecca over 1,000 years ago! Hire one of the many tour outfitters for a thrilling jeep or camel ride through the desert, then spend the night under the stars in a Bedouin camp. It’s an amazing experience and one that you won’t soon forget.

The Dead Sea

This ancient inland sea rides the border between Jordan and Israel. For history or religion enthusiasts, it means a great deal. For others, it’s that place where you can float with ease; the water’s saline content is so high that it makes you as buoyant as a rubber ball. There are many spas lining the shores, as well, because for years people have thought that the salty mud from the bottom cures all kinds of ills. I don’t know about that but I do know that after a massage and a body scrub with the salt and scented oil, my skin was as soft as a new born baby’s. Definitely worth a try!


The capital of Jordan is a really cool city. It’s extremely Westernized and is really popular with tourists who want to party. There are several nightclubs and bars, as well as many restaurants representing all kinds of international cuisine. There are many mosques and also some Roman ruins that are really incredible to see.

All in all, Jordan is a very safe and very wonderful place to visit. Leave your fear at home and come and see this wonderful land for yourself!